Hilton Hotels Equipment Consolidation

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Hilton Hotels Equipment Consolidation

PRL Logistics has recently been awarded a consolidation logistics contract with Hilton International Hotels (UK). Our role is to manage the flow of equipment required on a Just-In-Time (JIT) basis, including aggregation, distribution and streamlining the supply chain and logistics for the delivery of an iconic Central London refurbishment project.

Upon receiving shipments from various suppliers at our Bonded consolidation centre, we inspect for quality, quantity, and potential damage. This proactive approach ensures that equipment issues are addressed in advance, preventing any disruptions to the program delivery. Our in-house bespoke portal technology facilitates efficient inventory management, providing project stakeholders with live access and visibility to track equipment availability, location, and movement. Additionally, the portal enables the project management team to place orders, leading to the delivery of consolidated shipments. This process includes scheduling deliveries based on call-offs to align with the refurbishment program, ensuring timely equipment arrival and minimising disruptions to the project delivery process.

Our project priority is to optimise transportation and logistics. This is achieved by reducing the number of deliveries, minimising transportation costs, and enhancing overall efficiency, thereby supporting the successful completion of the entire project.

Head Office

Distribution Facility
27 Abbey Road
Park Royal
London NW10 7SJ


Consolidation Centre
Shepcote House
Shepcote Lane
Sheffield S9 1UW


+44 (0)20 8963 6900